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Minneapolis SEO Agency

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Minneapolis SEO agency, Minneapolis SEO for small business

Are you located in the mid-west?  If so please visit our Minneapolis SEO agency. We have a rich history with Minneapolis MN and Wisconsin and are excited to serve clients in this area. We offer professional website design and expert SEO services! What sets us apart? Real results! We send monthly reports of your keyword rankings so you can watch your website move up the rankings in live time! If a SEO company can’t provide this then what are they actually doing? Most can’t. We offer contract free SEO plans and have clients that have been with us over 15 years. We also have an acute attention to detail and love what we do, contact us here to get started.

Minneapolis SEO agency, Minneapolis SEO for small business

New York City SEO

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Improve  your Google ranking in Liverpool England! Acme web agency is one of the top SEO agencies in New York City.

Acme web agency ranks in New York City for “New York City SEO, New York City SEO agency & NYC SEO agency! If we can rank in this niche going up against the top SEO agencies in New York City imagine what we can do for your brand in Liverpool. Not to mention our lead developer is based in Liverpool so you will have local access to our Liverpool SEO agency!

Why choose us? What sets us apart from other SEO agencies? Real results!! We offer contract free SEO packages to fit any budget. So whether you are a national brand or a small Mom & Pop we can help you with your Google ranking. We are adept with Google’s tool box and adhere to Google’s strict guidelines to assure longevity and avoid getting blacklisted.


New York City SEO, New York City SEO agency, NYC SEO agency


New York City SEO, New York City SEO agency, NYC SEO agency

92% of Google Searches are done on Smart Phones

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Google’s search popularity goes beyond its capabilities as a search engine. Aside from online searches, Google is also popular for other services, like Google Ads, Gmail, and the Google Workspace productivity suite. In fact, Google is also the number one video platform in the world, followed by YouTube (which, by the way, is owned by Google).

2. 92% of all search volume globally is from Google

An impressive 92.70% of all searches globally happen on Google, making it the dominant search engine by far. The next biggest search engine is Bing, at 2.78%, followed by Yahoo, at 1.60%. No matter who your target market is, where they are located, or what your business offers, optimizing for Google search should be a priority in your online marketing strategy.

Some of our recent client’s we are optimizing for mobile devices, laptops, and desktops!

Bakersfield Solar Company

Bakersfield Steakhouse
Roseville Steakhouse
Folsom Steakhouse

Scottsdale Boutique
Phoenix Boutique
Mesa Boutique
Tempe Boutique

Indianapolis Alarm Company
Fresno Air conditioning Company
Boca Raton Photographer

Bakersfield Music Instructor
Bakersfield Music Instruction
Bakersfield Music Teacher
Bakersfield Music Lessons
Guitar Lessons Bakersfield
Bakersfield Guitar Lessons
Bakersfield guitar teacher
Bakersfield guitar teachers

Bakersfield Pest Control

Bakersfield Mobile Mechanic

Bakersfield Trash Bin Rentals
Bakersfield Junk Removal

City Serve Bakersfield
Get Connected In Bakersfield City Serve

Bakersfield General Contractor
Bakersfield Remodeling Contractor
Bakersfield Commercial Contractor 
Bakersfield Contractor

Bakersfield Custom Pools
Bakersfield Pool Builder
Bakersfield Pool Contractor
Bakersfield Swimming Pool Builder
Bakersfield Spa Builder
Distressed Properties for sale Bakersfield
Distressed Houses for sale Bakersfield

SEO Scams To Watch Out For In 2022

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SEO is the new Yellow Pages and there are many “so called marketing companies” looking to make a fast buck. Here are a few things to watch out for:  They will promise the moon, they will inundate you with reports showing you all the benefits of their service. Unfortunately many business owners fail to do their research and just accept this as a job well done. We have software which will generate reports but we tell our clients, don’t focus on reports, focus on your keywords! For instance:  We rank #1 for this keyword > “New York City Gardener

A new client of ours was using a “so called marketing company” and they changed the phone number on his Google Business page, making him think that the calls that they were getting were from his website. So unethical, and they gave him a list of like 400 keywords which they said he would be ranking for. So basically they just tell you what you want to hear. We tell our clients SEO is a marathon and not a sprint! We do see results in the first few months although it also depends on your competitions SEO progress as well!

SEO google ranking

Venice Italy

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We are looking for talented people in Venice to join our team! Are you a developer, graphic artist, social media ninja, copywriter, content developer, drone operator or salesperson? CONTACT US ASAP to learn more!


Venice SEO Company, Venice SEO Specialist, Acme web agency

Can You Get My Website To Rank In A Big City?

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This is a commonly asked question, so we have decided to do a test. We have bought a new domain >  and we will be attempting to optimize it for these two keywords, “New York City Handyman” and “New York Handyman Service”.  Once we get this to the first page we will be offering the website as a rental for New York City handymen. We are optimistic that we can accomplish this feat because we have already accomplished this before with our domain which ranks #1 for “New York city gardener“. This took us 7 months to achieve this ranking.

So far after 2 weeks we have been unsuccessful in getting our site to rank for our targeted keywords. Most SEO companies would give up at this point but because of our extensive experience and knowledge in search engine optimization we are just getting started.

We have added https to our domain to strengthen the authority so this should help. We have also added extensive images and optimized them and also added a tremendous amount of content to compliment our website and images, and we have cleaned up a lot of errors that we found which were conflicting with our targeted keywords. After using our Google tool box to reindex our website and submit a new sitemap we should be able to crack the top 20 pages on Google for our search query. Stay tuned as we will visit this in a few days and see where we stand. So long for now,

Today is Nov. 6, 2018

Two days after our initial post we have now popped up on the 8th page of Google for “New York City Handyman“, “New York city Handyman Service“, and “New York City Handyman Services” on both desktop and mobile devices, not bad huh? Follow this post in our quest to get to the first page of Google.


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